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Gold Diamond Tantra Massage

VIP Tantra Massage Tulum

VIP - A Deeply Erotic 2-Way Mutual Enjoyment Tantra Experience

The Diamond Tantra VIP experience: Deeply passionate erotic relaxation, erotic bliss, and mutual enjoyment


Indulge in pure relaxation and mutual touch. Breathe deep and allow yourself to be pampered as you feel my soft hands slowly massage and tease every inch of your body, as you gently caress my soft and supple skin. Feel my feminine curves press up against your masculine body as you feel me slip and slide creating erotic sensations in all the right places.

Feel my warm embrace of my body pressed up against yours allowing for all stresses to completely release out of your body.

This session is a total of 3 hours however, I also offer a shortened version of 2 hours for those pressed for time and a longer version of 4 hours for those looking to connect deeper.


Please keep in mind that time moves differently when practicing tantra and therefore longer sessions are recommended in order to fully

  • Both of us are nude

  • Diamond Tantra Lovers Intimacy Ritual

  • Mutual massage

  • Erotic hot oil application

  • Whole body erotic relaxation massage

  • Erotic tantra body-to-body massage

  • Erotic tantra whole body sliding massage (better than nuru)

  • Erotic tantra lingam massage

  • Gentle caress reciprocation

  • Diamond Tantra Pleasure Palace Ritual

  • Goddess adoration ritual

  • Yab Yum (Only included in the 3 & 4 hour)

Lingam massage specialized techniques:

  • Pressure point massage

  • The squeeze

  • Tunneling

  • Throttling

  • Worshiping

  • Kindling

  • The Omega

immerse into the energy of the divine present moment, where we are able to connect to one another on a deeper level.

2 hrs. $897

3 hrs. $1,097

4 hrs. $1,297

Booking Policy: Once your reservation is confirmed by me all deposits are non refundable, no exceptions. If you do not confirm your reservation request within 2 hours of submitting it, you forfeit your deposit and your request will be cancelled. If I do not receive your 24 hour email confirmation reply in the set amount of time, it is considered a cancellation on your part. Arriving later than 15 minutes to an appointment is considered as a no show. I do not reschedule so if you'd like to change the date and time you may cancel and make a new reservation. I reserve the right to cancel a reservation if I feel that my safety is at risk. By making a reservation you agree to the terms and conditions set forth.

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