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Benefits Of Tantra

Tantra Massage Tulum Mexico
Health Benefits Of Tantra

As well as being a relaxing and pleasurable experience, my tantra sessions also have many health benefits. The one thing that all of my sessions have in common is that they all relieve stress and tension in the body that has been present for a long time. The longer the session that you choose, the deeper we are able to go, and therefor the more tension and stress is released from the body. And the more erotic of an experience you choose will help to release stress hidden deep with the subconscious that you're not even aware of.


When practicing tantra, we take the focus off of the orgasm, and we bring the focus into the present moment. We focus on the divinity within each other. And through my guidance, I teach you how to take your time and go slow. When you learn to take your time and go slow, quiet the mind and just take each divine moment as it comes, premature ejaculation becomes a thing of the past. When you learn to quiet the mind and immerse yourself deep into sacred intimacy, the body is able to relax and act according to the natural, calm state that you're in, enabling you to last a long time. In this state the body will release when it is ready. Premature ejaculation is a direct result of stress. and the more that you stress about it, the more difficult it can become. When this stress is removed so then is the issue.

In the same way that my tantra sessions can teach you endurance, a stronger, more powerful member is also achieved. In the same way that we take the focus off of the orgasm, we also take the focus off of sexual performance. As your session with me is a deep and spiritual way of experiencing and practicing intimacy, the sacredness of each divine moment together makes you completely forget about performance and focus on the beauty of each moment. When this occurs a very strong, hard member is a natural occurrence. You're role is to not think about it at all and simply focus on relaxing and being pampered.

The practice of tantra can give you completely new sexual experiences as well. You can learn how to have multiple orgasms as well as experience Injaculation which is climaxing without seminal discharge. When this is achieved, your body experiences a chemical rush like a drug except it's completely natural. This has been known to happen during the first tantra experience however, it is usually achieved after multiple sessions.

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