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Reservation Etiquette

Tantra Massage Tulum
Requesting A Reservation

All new and returning guests: Reservations are accepted through my online reservation service only. I do not accept reservation requests any other way. I only accept reservation requests from respectful, upscale gentlemen. When submitting your reservation request you will be prompted to answer a few basic questions, which will help me to determine whether you are a kind and respectful gentleman and mature enough to experience higher consciousness intimacy.


Very important: I'm currently in Tulum only a few times a year and spots are limited. If you see a date and time available that you desire, you may not see it available the next time you check back. Reservation requests must be submitted no later than one week in advance. Same day and last minute sessions are never possible.

Availability displayed by choosing your desired session and viewing calendar. Do not contact me to request my availability. What you see is what I have available. I do not take cancellation or waiting lists so if you do not see your desired date and time slot available then I suggest checking back at a later date to see if there has been a cancellation on the date of which you desire.


All reservation requests require a deposit. If your request is not accepted you will receive a full refund. Once accepted all deposit are non refundable, no exceptions. Upon submitting a reservation request you will receive an email confirmation. Once I receive your reply I will let you know if your reservation request has been accepted. In order for a reservation to be accepted all boxes in the reservation request form must be filled out correctly and you must reply to your email confirmation in the set amount of time. If you do not reply in the set time then your request will be cancelled and you forfeit your deposit. If inappropriate or rude language is used when requesting a reservation your request will not be accepted.

Make sure to keep an eye out for your 24 email confirmation which will be sent out automatically exactly 24 hours prior to your reservation. Once I receive your reply in the set amount of time I will then provide you with my location details. If I do not receive your reply in the set amount of time your reservation will be cancelled and you forfeit your deposit. In the unlikely event that I need to cancel your reservation for personal reasons, you will receive a full refund. I do not reschedule so if you need to change the date and or time you may cancel your reservation and request a new reservation by paying the deposit amount indicated.


Session rates are in USD. A PayPal account can be set up in a matter of minutes and you can use your credit card immediately. The remainder amount due is to be paid in USD cash upon arrival to your reservation. Mexican pesos will not be accepted. Payments are made to my parent company Divine Light Entertainment and will show up on credit card statements as such,


Rules For Requesting A Reservation

  • Only request a reservation if you are kind, gentle, clean and healthy.

  • Do not request a reservation if you have anger issues or are aggressive.

  • Do not request a reservation if you are sick and it's contagious.

  • Do not arrive to a session under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Tantra Massage Tulum
Privacy & Safety

Privacy is a staple in my business. I created this website entirely on my own and I am the only one who has ever and will ever have access to it.  When you make a reservation, I am the only one who ever sees the information you provide. Additionally you can rest assured that I take security very seriously and my website is SSL/TSL secured. 


I never share any of your personal information with third parties. I understand that some of you may not want to share your personal information with me but it's important to understand that I work alone in order for you to receive the utmost private and discreet experience, and because of this my safety is my top priority and therefor all required information must be provided at time of booking in order for your reservation request to be accepted.

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