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About Diamond Tantra Goddess Megan

So you’ve heard about tantra and would like to try it however, you’re still not quite sure what it is. Or perhaps you’ve had the opportunity to experience tantra yet it wasn’t quite what you were hoping for and you’re looking to go deeper. You are here because your soul longs to feel a deep connection with a sensual Goddess. You’re heart longs to beat together with the rhythm of her heart. Your mind longs to become empty, only to focus on the beauty of her naked body, her feminine curves and her long golden hair as she looks back at you through the soft, candle light. And your body longs to feel her slow and gentle touch as she caresses each and every inch of your body at the same time you slowly run your fingers over her soft and supple skin.

I invite you to leave the outside world behind to enter into the sensual world of tantra as you indulge in this deeply erotic tantra massage, which is so much more than a massage but a completely different experience than anything you have ever had in your life. Come and relax in the comfort and privacy of my beautiful condo, l
ocated between the center of Tulum and the beach.

During this sacred ritual, my role, as your divine tantra Goddess, is to worship the divine within you and to worship every part of your body as I guide you through this journey of sacred intimacy, relaxation and pleasure. And your role as my divine tantra God is to allow yourself to be worshipped, to relax and to focus on the present moment as you experience higher and higher levels of ecstasy and pleasure. And when you chose one of the luxurious 2-way sessions your role is also to worship the divinity within me through mutual touch and sensual close contact tantric energy exchange.

Vancouver Tantra Massage

Prior to your arrival I lovingly create the sacred space to form an alter of worship using candles and soft lighting, erotic aromas, and slow and sensual traditional tantra music from the far east. The tantra ritual begins by setting our intentions and honouring each other followed by close contact sacred energy exchanges in order to connect our energy bodies before connecting our physical bodies to one another and to awaken and raise the kundalini, the sleeping serpent at the base of the spine.

During our special time together there is no need to think about anything or to have to perform. Simply relax and listen to the gentle sound of my voice as I guide us through this divine journey of conscious sensuality.

And when these energies have merged and woven into one another finding a comfortable place, the sensual touch is initiated as a slow and gentle path into the erotic segment of the ritual.

Mindfulness plays a key role in the ritual until the erotic segment takes over generating a feeling of ecstasy and euphoria throughout the whole body. A lose-yourself sensation then emerges as you completely relax and let go, allowing the erotic pleasures that you are experiencing to take over coming in like waves that keep growing and becoming higher and higher.

And then the most incredible peek of heightened sensations is achieved follow by a waterfall of release, bigger and more beautiful then you have ever experienced before.

Then, slowly, softly, gently and lovingly the ritual comes to a close, taking time to savour the last moments of the beautiful energy and sensations created together. Manifesting a special sacred bond between the divine masculine and the divine feminine

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