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Session Etiquette

Sensual Massage Tulum

Is Touching Allowed?

  • Absolutely! Mutual sensual touch is included during The Red Diamond Tantra Massage and mutual erotic touch is including during The VIP Gold Diamond Tantra Massage.

What Should I Know In Order To Prepare?

  • Kindly refrain from wearing cologne/perfume and scented deodorant as I am highly sensitive and allergic

  • Oral hygiene prior to your arrival is a must as we will be practicing deep breathing together

  • Upon arrival your session will commence with a shower and you will be able to shower at the end of your session as well


Should I Arrive Early?

  • Kindly arrive at the exact time of your session

  • Please do not arrive early as I am preparing the space and do not have a waiting area

  • If you arrive early please do not hang out outside, in front of my building. Kindly wait in your car a little ways up the street or take a walk and enjoy my beautiful neighbourhood

  • This applies even if you are only 5 minutes early

Can I Upgrade My Session?

  • Absolutely! As each session requires different preparations, If you'd like to upgrade your session make sure to contact me by email at least 48 hours prior to your reservation.


Can I Add Time to My Session?

  • Sometime yes, this is possible. If you'd like to add more time to your session make sure to request more time in advance, no later than 48 hours, to insure availability.

May I Arrive to My Session High or Intoxicated?

  • Absolutely not! If you arrive under the influence of drugs or alcohol you will be asked to leave and you will loose your deposit.

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